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Meaningful renames with AI

Keep It Shot is a Mac app that utilizes AI to automatically provide descriptive names for your files. It also creates an offline, fully private, and extremely fast search index for locating your screenshots using simple keywords.


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Keep it shot
Keep it shot

Not just a renaming tool, but also an
efficient private search

Rename files in 2 clicks

Effortlessly rename large batches of files in just two clicks, while keeping an eye on your progress through the convenient progress bar.

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Tailored renaming, Auto-rename, and more...

Define your renaming preferences, automate renaming upon new screenshot creation. If you do not like the new names, you can revert back to the original names with a single click.

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Extremely Fast, Fully Private Offline Search

When your rename request is made, we generate a new name, OCR, short image or video description, and keywords. With all of this, we create a local index to provide fast search.

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Smart, Searchable, Sorted:
AI-Powered Renaming for Your Media Files.
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